Ok so i want to learn a new song.

so far i can play things like:

Iron Man - Black Sabbath
Give It All - Rise Against
Rock You Like A Hurricane - Scorpions
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

songs like that and i was just wanting something that is a challenge but something that isnt out of my reach.

all those songs use power chords so a power chord song would be ok but i would really like a song that uses more picking or arpeggiating (<- is that right) to help with my picking hand.

Thanks in Advance
since u play rise against stuff, im going to recommend "like the angel" by them. Power chords + a pretty easy solo
well if you like iron man, go for paranoid some thing like dimension by wolfmother.
Pretty much any nirvana song should do.
Nothing else matters by metallica, the solo might be to hard for a beginner but the verses combine arpeggios with strumming chords, so I guess that might help you.

Some stuff is easier than it sounds. I would have to say that the Exo-Politics riff was easier than I thought.
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for some arpeggio stuff try a song called "I'm alright" by jerryc. It can be hard to find the actual songs, but the tabs are here. Good luck.
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Here is a fun one, the solo from Warmness on the Soul by Avenged Sevenfold... Easy and Amazing
Killswitch Engage, My Curse. good song pretty easy transitions as well
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