this is my first thread

i have been listening to the likes of oasis, verve, charlatens, kasabian, stone roses and the like.... for many years now and i decided to finally learn to play an acoustic guitar
i have only been playing two weeks, i have picked up a few open chords and can play songbird by oasis and the intro to wonderwall and am currently trying lucky man by the verve (finding the switch from g to d very hard)

just wondering whether i can pick your brains guys whether i am doing alrite or is there any songs you would suggest to be playing before others?? cheers ppl
Tray to plaing nothing else matters (metallica)
and good luck ( I play guitar about year and half)
hey man, good to hear you're into the verve. to make the g to d transition easier, keep your ring finger anchored on the 3rd fret on the b string, it makes the other fingers jump into place, the same goes for pretty much the whole urban hymns album, just leave your ring finger there!
cheers irish, seem yo have picked it up a little better now, any other verve you would recommend that is the same level or easier?
well if you're a fan of urban hyms try weeping willow, it's only 3 chords, and you get to leave your ring finger there too you should be able to have a decent stab at the whole album if you can play lucky man, it's all very similar and a fantastic album!

i always found when i was startins out that the best way to play songs was to play ones i really liked, rather that "easy" ones (though obviously some will just be too hard, but they can be something to work towards). you'll get more benefit out it if you're playing stuff that you like rather than playing it just because people tell you yo.

maybe try talk tonight by oasis, the strum pattern is tricky enough and will tighten up your rhythm, plus the girls will love it
great minds must think alike mate, ive just been trying that the past half an hour before reading your reply!! yeah it is tricky but at the first stab my mate reckonised the song so its all good, im concentrating on songs that i know as i will pick up the chord changes better......or so ive been told....