Anyone have this one? how is it? nice if i get some feedback, probably going to buy this one, but i just cant seen to find any reviews or anything on it. it's black, with a spiderweb thigie carved in on the bodie
It's essentially a Korean RG, with a web carved into it.

There's also one in red, with a brick pattern.

Like all the other Korean RGs, the necks should be fine and they're not expensive. Unfortunately, which is very common in this price range, the trem is the major flaw.

The Edge III just isn't that good. It will last you for a while, but when buying a new guitar, you'll probably want more than a few months of moderate trem use untill it wears out. On top of that, a worn out trem is an incredible pain in the ass.

You could solve that, though:

-the cheapest option is to just get a few blocks of wood and block it. This will turn it into a hardtail. You'll no longer be able to use the bridge, but it will save you from a lot of hassle.

-the more expensive option is to get a Tremol-no (www.tremol-no.com). These are about 60$ if I remeber correctly and will allow you to either block or unblock the trem with the twist of a screw.

-the most expensive solution is to wait untill the Edge III wears out and to replace it with an OFR. This will cost roughly 150$

Alternativley, look at the RG321 or a similar fixed bridge RG; they might not have the spiderweb, but they're about the same quality and they don't have a trem.

So, in summary: the guitar itself is pretty damn good, the price is right, the trem is crap. If you like that one, get a fixed bridge RG.
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You've read it, you can't un-read it!