how would i? walk up and ask for it and how would i get noiced?ask for someone to sign or wait
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Start where most gigs are found: downtown.
Here in Toronto we got places that are always flowing with gigs so my band knows where to look.
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get a myspace, get to know people who run pubs or other places where there are bands playing, ask them etc!
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One good way is simply to call all the bars and clubs that you know hire bands, then ask if they have any openings. Another good way would be to talk to bands you already know who have gigs and see if they want somebody to open for them. Failing that try to make your own show. For the first time this is a good move because it puts you on the map if you do well at it.

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Walk right up to where you wanna play, preferably with another member or two of your band, and maybe a recording if you have it, go on in and tell someone you want a show and see what happens.

That's how my singer set out most of our contacts.
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yeah if you're just walking in blind then you will need a recording, and i would suggested printing up a couple nice flyers. you want the people to think you know what you're doing and that it's not your first show.
a) have friends. if you know people who promote shows, then that is wonderful, because you can bully them into putting you onto a bill.

b) record a demo. even if it isnt amazing quality, just something which you can give to promoters and prove you don't suck or anything. give it to them. if you've also done (a), you can then also say something along the lines of 'hey, we also played at cool venue x and all the hepcats there thought we were 'da bomb' so to speak and swore they'd come and see us again and buy lots and lots of drinks'.

c) be quite good. then you won't feel bad for getting your friends to put you on and promoters won't just reject you out of hand.
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