Hey this is basically a continuation of another thread i started about a Peavey Valveking 112 and Artemis Entreri said that he is trading his VK 212 for a Marshall JCM 800 or 600 and i was wondering whether or not they are discontinued because i cant seem to find them on musiciansfriend.com or guitarcenter.com

Also he said that they have great classic rock tone and i was wondering whether anyone can attest to this or not?
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the JCM800 isnt but the JCM600 is.

They are ok for classic rock, a Plexi would be better tho.
The JCM800 was basically the "go to" Marshall and the standard bearer of their production models for a solid decade (until the introduction of the JCM900). Any new 800's today will either be reissues or sig models.
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I'm not necessarily a fountain of knowledge but to me it always seemed that marshall never could get the proper sound i was looking for. My style is alternative so when I was looking for an amp a few years back for a good price i found that the fender 212R was great.

1.) It's cheap, I got mine for $430 (canadian)
2.) It's loud and retains is quality at all volume levels (up to 5, I haven't had the balls or extra ear drums to crank it higher)
3.) Drive/More Drive and a mid contour button, you can get pretty much ANY sound
4.) clean/dirty inputs
5.) sick reverb
6.) stereo state
7.) 100w, with 2x50w speakers
Besides, so many bands back in the day were using Fender or Roland or Yamaha amps, so I figure if you stay with the same brands, all you gotta do is mess around with the settings to get the right sound.
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