Ok so all in all soundwave was a flippen awesome experience for anyone who went and enjoyed the music it was insanely sick!

ok but my true highlight was truly unbelievable!!

PERTH soundwave

so i was watching City And Colour, enjoying Dallas' ridiculously awesome voice and smooth tunes, when Chris, The bassist from Saosin comes up to sing along some harmonies with Dallas, which was rad... so he was tapping away with a tambourine.... anyways at the end of the song he throws the tambourine in the crowd, and AMAZINGly i catch it whoopp...

but wait theres more, so after a bit ive gone to see one of my favourite bands there The Receiving End Of Sirens!! so im right at the front at the middle at the barrier, and so TREOS recognizes ive got a tambourine and start acknowledging me telling me i better keep good time etc and just having fun! so anyways throughout their amazing show they keep talking about me and to me and mentioning im getting fancy with the tambourine!

anyways cut it long story short... at the last song they got me on stage and i jumped up there like a fat kid on a cupcake and rocked out something ridiculous to their last song! it was the best experience ever! im so damn lucky! i shook all their hands and said thanks which as a huge honor!

so REALLY i should have just walked off backstage and chatted to them, but because my my was racing and i wasnt thinking, one of the guitarist told me i should finish it off with a stage dive... so i dramatically sprinted and lept of a foldback wedge into what i thought was the thickest part of the crowd... haha well the thickness spread out and left a giant gap for me to hit the turf! haha so that was very funny! but well worth it! haha

i think i may have something broken in my palm from hitting the tambourine so hard, but it was wayyyy awesome! haha!!!

so just like to share my story! hope you could be stuffed to read it! any thoughts, or comments haha ???

some camera phone pics

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Oh so you basically went to the pansy stage.
Glad you had fun....

Just screwing with ya, sounds like you had a good time. Wish my soundwave was as good a experience. Fucking lame day for me.
haha man that was a quick reply haha... im guessing you hung at the metal stage all day?
haha, mate i had a blast! why was it so lame for you?


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sounds awesome man
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On topic: No, I haven't met any famous artists.

ofcourse i laughed xD

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oh ahh aussie music festival

but dayam, transformers rock!

glad you're so excited
won't even call you a pansy

Read 'Em =]
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Didn't The Offspring play there?
Were they any good?




yeah offspring were there, they went off man! not a huge fan but you still have to respect the mofos haha
I saw Chris throw the tambourine.
Sounds like you had a good time.

Srsly tho, City And Colour was the best performance of the day.

Sif choose the offspring over as i lay dying

Crazy bastard.

As i lay dying and killswitch were the best there i reckon

alexisonfire were pretty bad, his mic was off and its as if he didnt realise for a fair while...
no i actually saw Saosin for most of it i only saw offspring for a bit, I think the left front house PA speakers ****ed up thats why they put up the foldback Wedges, Alexis were awesome i reckon, but yeah TREOS and City And Colour, and Madina Lake were my favs
haha yeah thanks mate!!! i did watch All Time Low! i didnt know any of their songs but damn they can pull them off live! the singer is amazing live! great voice!

but they seemed like they were trying to be Blink 182, seemed a little arrogant to which was ****,
yer my mate said the same thing "blink 182" i think its coz they try to be funny etc...but i guess blink are successful so why not follow in their footsteps lol.

so who was the best man? brissy was sold out so i couldn't go...i wanted to see all time low and saosin... treos would have been good too ay... the evidence go off much?
ahh yeah, but they seemed more to abuse each other, and weren't as funny as blink... umm, The best hmmm, well i had the most fun obviously at TREOS haha, and i think they played the evidence, i cant remember it was quite a blur.. but i do know that Planning A Prison Break went off!!! haha, and so did Dead Men Tell No Tales

umm but other then them, ahhh City and Colour! dallas was amazing, very close and personal with the crowd, and of course i enjoyed, i caught the tamborine! ahhh, Alexisonfire were tops! Incubus were joy! Saosin Rocked... and Madina Lake! they were really impressive! awesome with the crowd
yer they're a good band (madina lake) did you watch halifax?

where abouts are you from coz pretty sure its 145am here LOL
nah didnt see halifax... i saw the Matches too for a bit, havent heard any of their songs before but they seem quality ay! im in Perth, its 12.57 at the moment haha, and there is a girl stripping on TV and then they starred out her nipples, Ripped off! haha its all texting **** ads haha
ah k. halifax are good man. should check them out


the matches are good too, but they've changed heaps their new album isn't that great...

download these songs by them if you've got limewire

1. sick little suicide
2. sunburn vs the rhinovirus
3. Papercut Skin

they are quality.

what aussie bands are you into?
oh rad man! umm into Sick Puppies, The Butterfly Effect, Living End of course, Kisschasey, Karnivool, Shihad even though they are kiwi haha... umm oh Gyroscope, and more i just cant think at the moment haha...
ah sick puppies are champion

do you like the getaway plan?

do you follow the english premier league by any chance? lol

or are they all afl over west side? HAHA
haha yeah pretty much AFL man, haha and Emma Anzai, bassist of the Sick Puppies, way hot man! umm havent heard alot of the getaway plan ay man
ah k definatly check them out!, their new song is gettin some good air time and such...

"where the city meets the sea"

gyro are awesome, snakeskin is on an afl add up here sounds so good LOL
my friend lives in the Perth area. She ended up going and had an insane time.
plus she got me all of The Fall of Troy's autographs

i owe her so much now...
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I went to the melbourne one it was sweet.
I got to meet Kevin Devine. I reckon he had the best show of the day.
11 hours of moshing and crowd surfing and find 20 bucks in the toilets is awesome yes?
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hahaha sounds pretty rad! just hope the 20 buks didnt have poo all over it ay...