I just picked up an Amazaque neck blank today, looks pretty nice.

Anyone had any experience with it? Whats it like to work? Whats it sound like?

i am hoping to use this as the top on my build your own... lovely looking wood. got a nice flame to it.
Thank you please.
ebay. saw a fancy piece and no one bid on it. ive seen it used on custom guitars as well

when it comes to electric guitars... wood doesnt matter, its not going to effect your sound very much to begin with... that being said, figured wood for tops... any wood is game if its somewhat thin. as long as its atleast a hardwood. Ive seen figured oak tops, figured bubinga, figured eucalyptus... etc.

the problem with amazaque is that its very tough to dry, get yourself a moisture meter and check it on the top, and the end-grain.

problem number 2. wood, inevitably, will bough/warp/twist in the direction of the wood being removed when it is ripped. amazaque is a very stiff wood, so this is likely, make sure you leave yourself some room for error and check it often after its been ripped. put it under something heavy if you are leaving it over night.
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This thread is useless with out pics

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I have got some of that. It is being used for half the top on my guitar build. Looks fantastic but I cant really answer the other points. Sorry
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got my neck blank from craft supplies

got mine their aswell
Since when does the type of wood not effect the tone of an electric guitar.
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Since when does the type of wood not effect the tone of an electric guitar.

no matter what wood you choose even with the fingerboard it'll have an effect on the sound IMO