Definitely not bad. As mentioned earlier, work on timing. You seem to have a very slight pause when shifting positions with your fretting hand and it throws off the rhythm. Also work on muting strings you're not supposed to hit (or simply avoid them). It sounded like you hit the low E a couple times when you weren't supposed to.

I haven't been playing too long myself, those are just the things that stood out to me.
i should post one of these videos i've been playing on and off for 1.5years but i think my skill is better than others who been playing 1.5 years
work with a metronome. then have free ones on line.

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Strumming is more then just up and down and is 80% of your sound/rythem. Most new guitarest concentrait very hard on the fret board because thats the part they dont know. later you develope rythem and a more highly defined picking hand. Work on directing where your pick is hitting the strings. Try to define each note more as you play. Work on adding mutes into your playing.