i wanna get either a marshall JCM 800 or 900. which is better for hendrix and why?
800 will sound generally better, the 900 is a gain *****, it always wants to have more gain pushed in it's tubes, the cleans are gritty,

but I'd say if you can find and afford a 800 go for it.
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The 800's will be more along the lines of approaching Hendrix-ish tones than the 900's.
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No, the 800 is not better I think but I think that the 900 has too much gain to have a vintage tone.
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Hendrix used a Plexi, I'm pretty sure, but the problem with those is that it has to be INCREDIBLY LOUD in order for it to break up into distortion, right?

I'd say the JCM800, I hear those get more Vintage tones, the 900 has more Modern tones.

why marshall? how about an orange rocker 30... those get preety vintage to me, or perhaps a blues deville, nice amount of gain, very hendrixy cleans. But if you can find a used JCM800 go for it
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everyone seems to pick the 800 over the 900... 900 not good?

No, the 800 is just more suited to Hendrix, and the 900 is suited to higher gain marshall type tones.
The reaon is that the JCM800 were based on the classic Marshalls and had the classic Marshall tone. The JCM900 was a high gain amp aimed at modern tones, not being as good for the old school Marshall tone.
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For Hendrix, you should look into the JCM800. I can hit some Hendrix-y tones with my 900, but it has a lot more gain than you need.
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Out of those the 800 but why are you only looking at those 2 amps? There are way better amps for what you're looking for. Check out the Ceriatone Plexi clones. I've heard they kick ass.
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