For sale in the UK: Full set of Fender US pickups and modded SD1/DS1s/BluesPro wanted

The SD1 is modded for a more balanced EQ by yours truly, with the quietest IC chip I found for it and top quality components. It's a very polyvalent overdrive that sounds smoother and more powerful than the stock, kinda thin SD1. Sounds VERY nice and warm, cuts through very well and has more bass than tubescreamers. And of course you're free to try it out if you live near me £30 + postage

The DS1 has been modded for a more old school, 60s sound. I personally really like the sound of it, but I have no real use for this kind of tone. It sounds nothing like a stock DS1, which are thin, bright and buzsaw like sounding. That's a nice overdrive/distortion with an old school vibe. This one is a bargain at £25 + postage

Full set of Fender pickups, from a Highway 1 Strat. They actually sound really good! £50 posted to the UK

I'd be willing to trade stuff for the right OD, mostly the MI Audio Blues pro.

I have plenty of references if you need.