well, to reverse the polarity, don't you just wire it the opposite way round?

i could be wrong on that one. if i am, you could take the pickup appart and physically turn the magnet upside down and glue it back on.
i don't mean polarity wise, but if it did reverse the polarity it would be cool

i mean like in the picture, can you reverse one pickup like that?
yeah, the two halfs on my bass are actually separate pickups anyway, so it would just be a case of cutting the hole and sticking it in.

i was saying reversing them polarity wise would mean when you use both sets of pickups together it'll be a humbucker.
^The pickup itself is a humbucker. The two parts are of opposite polarity, which buck the hum.
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...I think the Mark Hoppus bass has them like that, and that bass uses a pretty standard P-style pickup.