Three questions here

1. Does anybody have a guide for building a total analog theremin (DC Battery powered) WITH the volume control?

2. What would be an effective way to manipulate both a guitar and the theremin? I figured the combination would be pretty cool. So far I'm thinking one handed legato, and I could use my right hand to control the pitch on the theremin, and then use my foot for volume control. (DAMN NOT HAVING 4 ARMS!!!)

3. Would it sound bad to run a theremin through my effects/amp? Or could I effectively get a distorted, wah-wah'd, etc. sound? It's pretty much just a pure tone, and I don't know if effects produced for guitar rely on all of the extra tones.

Any additional information would be great.

PS: Budget is about $200

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As for #3, yeah, it works fine. I run my theremin through a multieffects pedal, and it sounds great when I put some delay and reverb on it.
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Look for stuff on Trey Anastastio he has a theremin built into his guitar,

Couldn't find anything about that...? Even his wikipedia page doesn't mention it.

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