when i try and play wonderwall with capo on 2nd fret.

i play all the right chords .. i get the strumming pattern spot on.

but it doesnt sound right

the bottom 2 strings are the only thing i can really hear if you understand .. when i change chord all i hear mainly is those 2 strings .. is it something im doing wrong ?

im a beginner also so im not to familiar with chords etc.

its only when i try and play the last 2 chords in the intro that it does this .. its fine with the em7 and g chords.
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I've got to ask this question, but with the capo on the second fret, you are using the 0s as 2s?

So When you are playing the EM7 which would normally be 022033, it actually sounds like244255?
Bottom 2 strings in pitch or location?

Just try strumming differently so that you place the pressure of your picking on different parts, depending on what you want to ring out.
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The Strumming pattern is vvv ^v^vv

So its like this:

Em7 Down Down Down
G Up Down Up Down Down
Dsus4 Up Down Up Down Down
A7sus4 Up Down Up Down Down

starts over again

Em7 Down Down Down...