I got suspended today for a pre meditated fight.
It started as this guy kept hitting on my girlfriend, she told him to stop hitting on her , but he still continued. That's how it started. I tried to get him into the school bathroom to fight there, but he walked in and saw me and left. So today, first time I saw him I punched him.

I push him into the locker, punched in in the head a couple times, then threw him onto the ground and, although I'm not proud of it, kicked him in the ribs.

When his Dad came to pick him up he was going to the hospital. The nurse check him out and apparently his jaw was out of line or something like that.

Now, the day before he kept saying that he was going to have his friends jump me with various sharp pointy objects.

A cop came to our school adn talked to the principal and theres going to be an investigation apparently.

My question is:
What could happen to me, eg juvie, probation etc
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Now, the day before he kept saying that he was going to have his friends jump me with various sharp pointy objects.

And now they're not...?
Someone's insecure...
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You should really have thought of the consequences before you decided to it.

Big woop someone hit on your girlfriend, your 12 years old and you feel the need to protect your girlfriend who will probably have dumped you in 6 months.
i would have to say burnt at the stake. thats the general punishment for asskicking.
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Antisocial Behaviour Order. A chav's equivalent of GCSEs.
Your 12, your not in a complete serious relationship.

End of the line:
You beat the guy, you suffer the consequences.
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I beat someone with a tennis racket. I got a 3-day suspension.
If the guy presses charges, something will happen.
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Are you serious? If you trusted your gf, the fact that he's hitting on her shouldnt be a problem... if she finds it offensive bring up sexual harrasment suit on his ass...

but too late for that.. cuz ur goin to get the death penalty and then she'll go to him
Police record, suspension from school maybe. You deserve it for turning to violence.

psh at 12 I don't think they can do anything other than give you a stern talking to and a slap on the wrists.

but I agree with what everyone else has said do far
Ha! Guys hit on my wife all the time. I look at it as a compliment in my fine taste and my overpowering charisma. As far as punishment, you are a minor. What state are you in? What county in that state are you in? You should post those and then you will give us something to go by. Juvie might not be out of reach depending on your state. Probation is probably around the corner for sure though. So, you better quit smoking weed.
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If you end up in juvie its your fault. You sound like a **** if I'm honest. You're girlfriend didn't seem that stressed from the situation, yet you hospitalised this guy. You had every right to be angry, but you took it to far.

It might just be the way you've written it, but it seems like you're in the wrong here.