You know the deal - another Epi LP (2005 MiK custom) owner looking for some replacement pickups.

I'm looking for a PAF-like, vintage-y sound - was drawn to the Seth Lover (SH-55) model from favourable reviews.
I am also aware of Bare Knuckle Pickups which seem to have a reputation of very good quality - The Mule seems closest to my wants.

Pros/Cons of either? Other suggestions? Should I forget it and get an ebow?
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Or Bareknuckles? I cant recommend them enough. They might be too hot for what you're looking for though.

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There are a few different "vintage" PAF tones. The mule represents the hottest of the vintage paf's and it does it very well. The seth lover pickup represents the middle of the reange PAF and although it doesn't do it nearly as well. The problem with the seth lover pickup is that they use an alnico 2 magnet with poly wire and that combo sounds a bit dull. IMO alnico 2 should only be used with PE and Formvar wire.

Another good middle of the road PAF pickup would be Seymour Duncan's 59. It's got PE wire and an alnico 5 magnet. Unfortunatly Seymour doesn't make a good PE pickup with alnico 2 unless you get his higher priced pickups but then you might as well go boutique and get something better.
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