These are two experiments in using whole tone scales. I hope you enjoy them. Yes, they are weird and don't sound like what you're probably used to

Whole-oween, Hung Over Dubbed Part 2

This one uses both whole tone scales at different points in the tune. Then at the end it goes back to a pentatonic/dorian mode solo to make you feel nice and comfy cozy again before it ends.

The Penalty

On this one you get no time to feel good - it's uncomfortable the entire time. This is a total improv - so yeah it's a little off at times, but overall I think it's OK. Not my best but not horrible either.
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Check out New Magnetic Wonder by The Apples in Stereo. It uses scales which are built on intervals formed by logarithms. I haven't heard it yet, but it's supposed to be weird.
Very interesting...

I liked the whole groove of it...sounded like Nine Inch Nails mixed with Joe Satriani Seriously, that was pretty cool.

The playing was really good, nice and crisp. Tone was pretty good, too.

The Penalty

I did not really like this one...felt angry and uncomfortable. Like you had somebody stalking you or something.

Playing was good, interesting improvisation.
Some harshness in the transition from shred to not-shred.

Overall, an interesting compilation of music. Good Job!

C4C my song?