Right I have always wanted a XY pad on my guitar but dont have the money or expertese to remove the XY pad from the kaoss pad then hack into my guitar and put behind the bridge.

I was wondering if there was a way to use it without putting it in the guitar.

Like if i kept the touch pad intact in the Kaoss pad and had it on a stand next to my guitar.

How would i connect to Pad? I thought i might need a MIDI pick-up then lead that to the pad would that work? and where do the signals go after that? XD (i know i'm asking alot i'm not very good with the tech side of things)

Is there good enough effects on the Pad or would i need to use it to control a independant effects processor? if so would any one work? (i use a pod xt live)

Thanks alot for any help i really need it
You could just have it running in your signal chain like a normal FX pedal.
I believe there are tutorials on the GB&C forums for the Kaoss pad, have you checked them out? I understand this is not what you asked, but I'm not sure if you have to remove the XY pad from the Kaoss pad first.

But yes, I believe you can use it from a stand. Can't help with the setup tho.
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Buy some type of footswitchable true bypass loop (I'll recommend the Little Lehle as it's virtually indestructable, or the Radial Switchbone as you can keep a shorter cable run with it), get two 'mono 1/4" to dual RCA' adapters and some RCA cables. Put the bypass loop pedal in your effects loop and put the Kaoss Pad in the loop of your bypass loop pedal. Put the KP on a stand next to where you'll be at and have fun.
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