Basically, i'm starting to get into guitar/effect/amp electronics and i have what probably sounds like a dumb question

What do all the different components do, i mean, i know that diodes let current through one way and resistors produce a voltage drop and stuff, but what do they all do in circuits, in terms of tone, what would happen if i changed the value of a cap or something? I know a bit about Si and Ge transistors, but what i really wanna know is how you design your own effects, like, what does what, if i make one cap bigger or smaller how will it effect the tone and that kind of thing. And how do you know what value resistors to put where etc......

Any help would be heartily received

ok, but what i am wondering is what they all do in a amp/effect circuit, like, how would the sound change if i changed the cap values or something
That can pretty much be best explained by doing it yourself. I['ve been piddling with electronics for the past 11 years and only recently (1 year) have been doing it seriously...