the qualitys not the best and its a bit quiet, but its my first attempt at trying to make my own song,
tell us what u think, thanks
I'm probably missing something here...but where is the song? I looked in your profile and the only thing there is a drum beat.
yeah the drums r high vol, its more a tune than a song, just some chords with a solo,
First of all, you could do with a better drum beat. I mean it wasn't bad, it did what it was meant to do, but something more catchy would have helped the track out. As for the chords, I thought they were actually quite good. As you said, not the best quality recording, but what was playing was good. Also, try putting the guitar in the centre of the mix, instead of panning it all the way to the left. This track has got potential, keep working at it!
That sounded good, well except for the drum beat...but like 12Jim34 said, it did what it was supposed to.

The playing was actually really good, very nice choice of chords and rhythms.
Remix it a little, so the guitar is not 100% left, and maybe split the two guitars equally.

*I turned it up, and now the drum part makes more sense with the song. Jesus, the bass drum was REALLY quite.

C4C my song?
Yeha i agree with mexicanmidge that theres one or two notes that don't quite fit, i like how you built the song up using guitar which is quite difficult, you kept my attention for the whole song which is quite difficult especially if you've only got guitar and a simple drum beat.

In terms of advice i say change the wrong note and then turn the drums down and make the durms more interesting

Patrick, would much appreciate if you could return the favour of crit thanks
Not bad at alll, it was pretty chill. The rums were a nice touch, and great playing. I always love accoustic. Kinda short, you could add to it, lots of potential. As stated above, there seems to be a wrong note in there around the 54 second mark, but that can be easily fixed. Mind critting mine?

If you want to jam in/around Mooresville NC message me.