Ive bought a new set of strings and on putting them on I am worred that I have damaged my guitar, its aucustic and the white 'pin' things that keep the string in place at the bottom will not stay in the holes, I think I may have made the holes bigger when taking them out using a pair of plyers, how screwed is my guitar if I made these holes too big? is there any way to get them to fit? Or is it normal for them to come out without too much difficulty if I pull at them, (worried its gonna come out when im playing or something. Has anyone else had this problem? Thank you
Nial, firstly use your spell checker please, pliers, and acoustic are surely simple enough words to spell and it's I'm not Im, sorry but you are still at school according to your profile so have no excuse for poor spelling.

Right on topic, this happens to me every time I change my acoustic strings, I generally hold the peg while tuning and pre stretching the string I have no problems once the string is tuned so you should be fine, in fact I fine the pegs are a right bugger to get out when I replace them again.
I wish I had tallent and ability.

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Ok thank you, I think I was just being paranoid, its all stringed now, all thats left is to tune it and for the record I left school as of 1 month ago.