Poll: VK 112 or 212
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Peavey Valve King 112
10 71%
Peavey Valve King 212
4 29%
Voters: 14.
so...I play punk rock,punk,hard rock and lots of people suggested VK so...I need for small/mid. gigs ,band practices and home practices.
what do you think would be better?
100w and 2x12
50w and 1x12?
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The 112 is the best bang for buck. You can always add a 412 later for larger gigs.
112 should be fine. I bought the 212 because it was in mint condition used for $450 and I couldn't pass up the deal, plus I like the sound of a 212 a bit better.

But unless you really want that extra speaker, go for the 112, your back will thank you later.
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You won't need the 100w and the extra speaker helps make up for a huge weight difference...
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I'd say 112. I just switched from a 212 to a 112 as my main gigging amp. The 112 works just as well and is way easier to transport.
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