Hi I have this tuner, on it, it says E1,B2,C3, I am wondering if this means I should play them on eg; the third fret on C, or play it open, are the numbers there for just another way to say for what string to tune and just to play it open, or does it mean for me to play on say the third fret down? I cant tell because I cant tune by ear at all right now.
Thank you.
The number stands for the octave. The higher the number, the higher the octave. It's as simple as that =)
Ok well can someone tell me how to find the octave? Might save me a bit of time if your nice :P
You have found the right octave if your strings are not sloppy anymore. You will find the right octave. Tuning your strings to the wrong one is pretty much impossible.
Ok thank you, think I know what an octave is now, but does that mean that I will use the tuner to tune to an open fret? Just making sure I dont want to snap another string