I cant wait! Going there for 5 weeks, signed up for Guitar Sessions course. It will be the longest I have been away from home in a while But its so worth it.

Since im gonna be down here so long, anyone been down in Boston or know whats to do for fun around there?
sweet. best five weeks you'll ever invest in your playing. haven't been to Boston, so can't help you there, but cheers!
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go to santarpio's pizza. nuff said
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Sounds cool! I'm sure it will be excellent if you are as excited as the opening of this thread indicates.

I know of someone that went to Berklee though and hated it, he said it learnt a million times more jamming with the old guys there/around the area.

Each to their own I guess! Just thought I'd add that to make the thread more interesting.
I didn't even know that kind of program existed. I might have to check that out. Anyway, Boston is an amazing town. The food's amazing. Music's great. It's an all around awesome city.
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