Poll: is it wrong to use your middle finger to hold the pick?
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View poll results: is it wrong to use your middle finger to hold the pick?
29 24%
92 76%
Voters: 121.
i find it more comfortable to play with my middle finger instead of my index. a friend is telling me playing with the middle finger is wrong because it 'puts strain on your wrist' or something. does he have a point or is he talking complete bull.
Do whatever feels right.

It is TECHNICALLY "not correct", doh.

Tell that to Van Halen and Marty Friedman.
No. I use my middle finger, i find it alot more comfortable. I always thought using the index finger was retarded.... cuz it doesnt have as much grip as the middle finger.
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It's not wrong but you're not gripping the pick as well and you have to put your wrist at a funny angle for mutes.
There are no rules on how to hold a pic, only norms. And f**k the norms. Do whatevers comfortable for you.
Quite a lot of people use their middle finger, although I personally find it uncomfortable. Do whatever feels good! If you've recently started playing though, it may be a good idea to switch to your index finger.
do whatevers comfortable, theres no wrong way to hold it, if you can hold it with youre ass and play great, then its right
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It's the standard that people use the thumb and forefinger but standard tuning is EADGEe and how many people use alternatives? :P just do wat you feel is right
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I do both.

Sometimes index, sometimes middle.

And my arm hasn't fallen off yet
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What feels better? What makes you play better? That is what you play with.

To be honest, playing guitar puts strain on your wrist anyways so... Screw it....

I like to play with my pinky and ring finger....
Well maybe not but oh well..
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Yes it is! Bad boy..

Nah shucks, whatever feels comfortably easy?

I guess you could look it as left and right handed people.

Most people are right but some are lefties.
Problem is that usually you get some tension in your thumb when using your middle finger for holding the pick. If YOU don't have that problem, keep on using your middle finger.
I use my index finger and thumb when I'm picking but when the song is just basic strumming I actually use my thumb, index and middle finger....
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if james hetfield does it, why not?

I can't say that I've ever seen hetfield hold it with his middle finger.
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i use index and middle lol.

i do that too

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Id say no...only cause I can't imagine using my middle finger...don't be concerned about how you play...aslong as it works...My alternate picking technique is a bit different from my teachers for example but it works for me so I don't mind
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I can't say that I've ever seen hetfield hold it with his middle finger.

Me neither.
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it's just using extra muscles and is unnecessary IMO.

holding the pick between the side of your index finger and your thumb is the position that requires the least amount of effort. To hold it with your middle finger, you'd have to move the index finger out of the way and that's just wasted energy.
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if its comfortable and it doesnt get in the way, then theres nothing wrong with using your middle finger.
IIRC, SRV held it with index and middle.

Do whatever feels right. Your friend may be correct - it may eventually fuck with your wrist, pretty sure Marty's wrist is fucked - but you're playing rock and metal guitar. You can do whatever you want.