Ok, so i was originally using 11 - 48s (power slinky) but today i bought some 12 - 54s as i was wanting some new thicker strings, for lower tunings but still standard.
I was wondering if i put the 12 - 54s on now will it break the neck?
because if i put my 12s on straight to standard tuning will it straight away force the neck to bend, or will i need to adjust my truss rod in a couple of days?
Also i am using the 12s for Drop c and b but i was hoping for standard as well, and i know the strings will be tight, im just hoping for some help.
+1, leave it, if you **** about with it, you could really bugger up your guitar...for the other bit - dunno
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thats silly. if, when you put the strings on you can see that the neck is bent, then adjust it. BUT MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. usually if you change the gauge all you'll have to do is change the action
i had to adjust the rod when i put 12's on i use it for standard and drop d. had to do a 1/4 turn dont do too much a little goes a long way. but just wait and see if its bent or not. maybe you'll get lucky
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Oh for god's sake, I wish people would stop talking about the truss rod like it's a bloody hydrogen bomb. Go ahead and adjust it whenever you need to - unless you plan on going postal with a power screwdriver I guarantee you won't do the slightest bit of damage. Loads of the people who give these kind of warnings are just repeating what they've heard - and have never set up a guitar in their lives.

If your axe was set up for 11s the change in tension to 12s probably won't warrant a truss adjustment. Sight the neck and then compare string heights between high and low frets - if there's a major difference then the neck may need a to be a little straighter. Likewise if your high notes are 'fretting out' with new strings a little relief may do the trick. The truss is only there to balance the pull of the strings though, don't expect it to lower your action or anything.
Look on Project Guitar or somewhere for a more detailed setup guide and more importantly, don't forget to check your intonation too.