how do you tune your strings 1/2 step down?

im trying to play Sweet Child O Mine and it requires that tuning

thanks in advance!
dont, move everything a fret down...unless it's chords, in which case you use a tuner... your E becomes an Eflat. etc.
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turn the tuning pegs so it goes whaaaaaaaoooooo.

but in seriousness...tuners help...but more importantly chromatic tuners.

get a Korg, its the black one and it works pretty good. but if tuners arnt your thing then just fret the A string at the 6th fret and tune your E string to that...then just tune the A to the E (now an Eb).

so yeah hope it helps
Ya know how you tune your guitar at the 5th fret? Instead, use the fourth fret to tune your A string to Ab, then tune your E to match, then the rest with the fifth fret. Or, in the FAQ i think, theres a section on tunings. look there.
Or you could hold the 4th fret of the low E, pluck it, and tune the fifth string (A) to match up, making it Ab. Then put your finger on the 5th fret of the low E and pluck the new Ab chord, then tune the low E so that when you have your finger on the fifth fret, it matches the second string (Ab), and then put your finger on the fifth fret of the second string (new Ab) and tune the third string to match the sound (Db), etc. and so on...Or you could use a tuner. Or play everything a half step up on standard.
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Eb = D#, also, my friend
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