Another day, and still no dollar
and pennies saved just don’t add up
I’m tired, broke, and out of patience
or maybe I’m just outta luck
I try and try to make a difference
but all I do is make it worse
don’t ask if I wanna talk it over
I’ll find a way to make things work

I’m just a kid without a clue
where to go or what to do
one more day, I’ll walk the streets
with my guitar, on tired feet
A smile I still can’t afford
one more night, I sleep alone
Call me when you want me home

No one ever pays attention
to me at all, not that I care
But still I feel them staring, looking
for someone I know isn’t there
Eighteen years, it’s like a train wreck
Another year, will it stay the same?
Will someone please just call a doctor?
I’m pretty sure I’ve gone insane

Will you stay here, feel my heart beat
til the air escapes my lungs
I hold your hand, feel the future
something tells me you’re the one
cautious when our words are spoken
but our tongues still can’t be tamed
Eighteen years, it’s like a train wreck
but with you, it’s not the same