i have a guy that wants to sell me this Johnson Guitar that i have never heard of before.

what have you guys heard about it? is it a crappy guitar line?
My friend's got a Johnson Strat. Not too great, honestly, but the wood's not plywood or anything. put in new electronics and you'd probably have a pretty decent guitar.

How much does he want to sell it to you for?
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i have one and its worked fine for me. they sound good and look good. theyre just not as great as a higher end instrument. i wouldnt pay more that 150 for it
idk yet. he didnt even specifiy what kind of johnson it was. i am probably going to put whole new electronics in it because they arent selling too well on ebay right now.
I've played a Johnson Acoustic Bass quite a bit at a local shop and I actually like it. That's the only Johnson I've ever played though.
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Wrong forum... this does not have to do with building or customizing, merely gear.

(And also, I personally dislike those guitars)
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