Is there a good boost pedal that can add gain to your sound, but doesnt affect it the rest of the time??

Btw, I use a marshall Jackhammer and soon a peavey valveking 212 (if it helps lol)

I would recommend the Boss DS-2 Distortion pedal. Gives you a warm wet + biting sound and a lot of boost, and of course, simple to use. You just press on it with your foot when you want to turn it On/Off, just like any other effect pedal.
I wouldn't recommend a booster before the JH-1. It's a pretty harsh-sounding pedal.

But.. the Boss SD-1 is a good stock booster. Keep the level high, and the gain off, and it'll give you a good clean boost. Just bear in mind that Zakk Wylde uses an SD-1, not his MXR signature.

The SD-1 is dirt cheap too.
are you sure you dont want a clean boost, just adding volume?

if not, any distortion or OD pedal with a volume or level control would do the trick, that is if youre saying more gain, no change in volume.
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i was told mxr makes a good boost pedal
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check out the emg afterburner http://www.emginc.com/displayproducts.asp?catalogid=69&section=Accessories&categoryid=32
dont know much about it but might be what you're looking for

Check that, the Maxon Od-808, and the EHX LPB-1 out.
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thnx guys

yeah, i just want something that will give the jackhammer more gain, as it doesn't really have enough for my desired sound lol

so do you think that i should get another OD/dist instead of a boost pedal?