ok im at school right now on a school computer, when i pluged in my pedal for a talent show it went bust all i got was this loud hum and then when it was turned on it got louder, when i pluged my guitar in straight it was fine, turns out its the pedal. i finally got it fixed after a while first thought it was my power source its not. i finally gota slight overdrive with everything maxed (volume and distrtion). i dont know what to do ive only had this thing for over a month and on the 14th i have to play a show with it.
Warranty? Also, double (and triple) check everything you're using it with (guitar, amp, cables, power supply/battery, etc) so you're positive it's the pedal. Also, if it is under warranty, I would not open the pedal since this sometimes voids it.
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well to open it you need to put the battery in so i doubt that would do it. if they think i tried to void it ill just be like " i was taking out the battery to check and see it that was it", i used my friends powersource and it still didnt work,i tried everything and it still didnt work, im gonna call up the store today and if theres a phone number for EHX that would be better.
Make sure you are using good cables and make sure the volume on your amp and guitar are on. I just bought a metal muff and it seems like it's built to last, idk why yours would **** out after one month. Try using the power source to plug that plugs into the wall and make sure that outlet is working.