so i have a schecter c-1 hellraiser and it came with d addarios 10's.the action is high and it still has a bit of fret buzz i want to get it as low as possible without having fret buzz and i don't know what to do,could some one help? i have aim devilmaycrykid17
yahoo im is devilmaycryid15.or just pm me here i really need help.
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If its the same as the ZR, you just have to use an allen key to screw in the screws either side of the tremolo.
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If it's buzzing already don't try and lower it any further. Have a look at the setup guide on Project Guitar, then have a go and see how you manage.
A little more tension on the truss rod might lower the action a bit for the higher frets but will probably make some notes fret out and become near-unplayable; don't bother if you're unsure what you're doing.

Fret buzz is nature's way of saying you can't go any lower without changing something else. On a guitar you change one thing and it tends to have an effect on everything else - a good setup is a compromise which balances it all the way you want.