Hey ok the metronome i have says beats 0-7,doublets, triplets, triplets with center beats omitted, quadruplets and quadruplets with center beats omitted.I am wondering what all these mean and which would be the best for a melodic solo.I am also wondering what is a good tempo for a solo like cunning stunts.
there are not rules
just you anything you like
but using scales helps
(i dont know the theory behind the scales but i use them in someway)
and about the tempo is about to you
i like fast tempos (170-240)
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Personally I think slower tempos (60-80) are best for solos.
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Are you british? Cause Ive never heard of a doublet, and I know the UK uses different names for note values.

And its up to you.
Yes I know there isnt rules .I was just looking for some guidelines you know.Yea I like the slower tempo solos too.No Im not british the doublet is on my KORG TM-40 tuner though.I dont know what it is.DOes nyone know the tempo fir cunning stunts?
Just take a 4\4, and work on it.
You don't need anything else for now.
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