I was just wondering, has anyone had experience with the super vee trem system for strats? I'm thinking about getting one but i want opinions from people who've used it. Basically i want to know how reliable it is, and is a good replacement for a floyd rose. For those of you who don't know what the super vee is, here's the link.
I wouldn't say it's a good replacement for a Floyd Rose...Since it's designed to work on a 6 string Vintage trem routing on a Strat with no modifications. Totally different beasts.

However, set up right for a floating setup, it should be able to handle 1.5-2 step pull ups, which is plenty. It's supposed to be pretty darned stable, as far as tuning goes. Not quite FR range, but still nice, since it's a lot more stable than a normal Strat setup.

If you have a Strat, and don't want to mod it for an FR or anything, it seems like a nice alternative if you want a stable double locking trem.