instead of picking w/ my index finger and thumb, i pick with middle finger and thumb

is that bad? i havent seen anyone else do it....im afraid it might stop me from getting better but so far no problems...
You would have to use your index finger if you ever wanted to hybrid pick (pick and fingers), but other than that, I see nothing wrong with it. I don't suggest trying to play this way or teaching someone to play this way, but if you've found that it works then I see no reason to change.
i dont see how it would become a problem, apart from hybrid picking which was already stated above. However i just tried it and it feels damn wierd, lol
if you find it works for you use it!
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hey yeah i did that too when i began playing acoustic, i still do it sometimes
i also used to put my thumb on my middle finger to give it stablity while picking
yah, hybrid picking was the one of the things i was thinking about, but i probably wont get into that....thx guys