Hi my names Ben, I've been playin for 3 years and i've been usin UG for about 2 years now. I just decided to get a profile and start tabbin some songs. I just tabbed the bass for They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns by Bayside. The song has not been tabbed yet, I tabbed the whole song, and im almost positive it was 99% correct but it was rejected. I've seen some of the tabs on UG and they were horibble compared to mine I just want to know what might have been some of the reasons it was rejected, and whats the process for reviewing tabs and who does it?
regular members vote on the tabs but they have to have at least made three tabs that made were accepted sry urs wasnt dude I wouldnt know why it was rejected though I feel your pain
yea ive been there but in the section that says tablature thaeres a big empty white box how do i insert my tab in that box