Hey guys,

My question is can someone recommend classical composers that wrote music similar to Chopin?

What I mean by that is like Nocturnes in minor keys and what not...(I do realize Chopin also wrote a bazillion Mazurka's and what not....not those though )

Thanks for your help
Claude Debussy

Not as minor-toned oriented, but very colorful and flowing.
i'm sure lots of romantic composers. liszt is that one? sorry i've never heard liszt. but they're both from the same period and they had something to do with each other
Early Scriabin (opus 1 - around 25) was heavily Chopin influenced and he composed a number of nocturnes. Not many else come to mind that wrote many nocturnes specifically...but you might also want to check out Medtner, Alkan (who heavily influenced Chopin) and some Grieg.

Unfortunately that is all I can really think of, and Franz Liszt is not a good suggestion. His music sounds nothing like Chopin's.

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Claude Debussy

Not as minor-toned oriented, but very colorful and flowing.

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Honestly, I don't think anyone can sound like chopin.

I guess that's what makes them unique from each other; that's what makes mozart different from beethoven - they have their own style.

Though Debussy is good, out of context.
I wouldnt suggest Liszt. Chopin and Liszt both composed in the Romantic style but they are both at opposite ends of the spectrum. Chopin was a concervative romantic and drew inspiration from the classical period while liszt was a radical romantic and was interested in musical innovation. Therefore their music is very differant.
man i can relate, im always looking for more composers who have the sound found in chopin's nocturnes
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Thank you all for your help so far...

And yes I would agree Lizst is not similar...
I'm pretty sure people are only saying Liszt because they're both known for their piano compositions, without realizing that their compositions aren't all that similar.
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