On my IBANEZ AANJ NECK! that is, anyway its for my Ibanez project and I have a neck ready to go on the body but no screws. I think you can definatly pick some up at a hardware store so I was wondering what size would I need?
thanks! (:
you could look for the proper screws at Guitar Center.
Check Ibanez website for screw size
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well dont have a guitar center, or even a decent music store but I will check the Ibanez site and see. thanks

editt: couldnt find anything on the Ibanez site.
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Try bringing the neck to the hardware store and see if they can size it up for you, or check where you bought the neck maybe?
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hmm I could do the first one bring it into the store, I bought the neck online so that other option is out. thanks man.
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