Hello all. I'm applying to go to college for Sound Recording Technology this fall. I have to do a jazz guitar audition to get in. This includes playing major and melodic minor scales 2 octaves in various keys which isn't a problem i can play this stuff way faster than what they want. Triads, different chords (like major, minor, fully diminished 7th...), call and recall stuff.. etcetera. Thats not a problem, but i do need your help for one thing. I need a popular jazz guitarist's solo to learn. I like jazz alot, i've been in my schools jazz band for 3 years but we've never done a piece that had a written guitar solo, so i've always just improved (which is fine i love improv anyway). So if you guys could give me an idea on some solos i'd really appreciate. Thanks for your help .
Joe Pass, look him up and listen to any of his stuff. Pick anyone of his solos, they are all amazing.
12 fret fury
Some great guitarists to transcribe:

(aside from Wes and/or Django, they're the obvious choices)

Jimmy Raney
Tal Farlow
Jim Hall
Joe Pass (his single line stuff .. don't bother with his unaccompanied bit for now, you aren't ready)
Barney Kessel
Kenny Burrell
Grant Green

Some (relatively) newer guys -

Pat Martino
Pat Metheny
John Abercrombie
John Scofield

More newer

Vic Juris
Adam Rogers
Andreas Oberg