OK for all of you college goers you know how reports are, if you dont hand them in, might as well just kill yourself. OK so I typed a 35 page essay that took me about a week. I saved it into my documents and dragged it into my network (L for Library folder. I det up two computers sharing the same network and i put my files in there to print stuff. OK so heres the great part. I dragged the doc into my L and my comp lagged for a sec and the file disapeared. I restart my computer wicked scared and then i find it again in the documents. I open it up and it said User cannot open this file access denied" and I think my soul died. I peed my pants and I am about to cry. Does anyone know hoew to recover these files?
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This is why you always back files up.
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TS, ouch, that's scary man, see if you know anyody who has a way with computers to check your hard drive for you.
call the network admin, but you probably corrupted your file and this is not a joke, theres a chance that youre not getting it back =\
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Always ALWAYS have a cheap printer/flash drive in your dorm. Also back your **** up every 15 to 20 minutes.

This way, if your files get screwed over, then you have two backups and physical evidence that you did it. Sorry about your dilemma though.
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That'll teach you to download horse porn.

ya if your going to do that go to a reputable site at least.
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