I don't think this should be in the relationship thread because it's different. I'm a freshman in high school and I know this isn't just a stupid crush. There is a girl and I think I'm in love with her. I asked her out and she says she is not ready for another boyfriend yet because her last one treated her badly and destroyed her. She has tried suicide and I have helped her through it. We talk everyday and I let her know how i feel about her. What should I do?
Ah. See, your problem is you helped her through a tough bit. One- way ticket to the friend zone.

Anyway, you don't love her.

And this DOES belong in the relationship thread.
Relationship Thread! Tally-ho!

You don't love her. You may care about her a little, but you don't love her.

You probably won't know or give a damn about her in 5+ years.
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It can't be stressed enough: relationship thread.

See, the only people who are willing to help you with such problems frequent the relationship thread. Anyone else will just tell you you're an idiot.