Hi, this is my first post guys, it's good to be on here!

I was wondering if it's possible to swap out the existing yellow-ish inlays on my les paul classic for some abolone/white ones? Is it an easy operation or will it involve a lot of hassle?

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Yeah it's do-able but quite a specialist thing to get into.

If you're into modding and repairs anyway I'm sure you could manage it, though I suggest a fair bit of practice and experimentation on a pawn-shop Strat knockoff first.
DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE INLAYS ON A GIBSON YOURSELF!!! Srysly, if you **** it up, you've ****ed up a GIBSON, which costs a couple thousand. I reccomend inlay stickers.


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Getting old ones out without damage to the fretboard will be hard to do. Its why inlay work is so expensive to get done.
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I've never seen an inlay replacement go well.

Agreed. An amateur one, that is.
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Yeah I would deffinatly do have a proffesional do it. Or just buy inlay stickers.
Yeah, I also have a Les Paul Classic, I like the inlays, its just that I like the White ones better.

But since I'm hearing that it's hard to do, I'm cool with leaving them.
Its possible but expansive and time consuming.

Firstly, you'd need a refret in with the price because it cant be done without taking all the frets out. That adds about £150 to the job in the first place. Then maybe another £150-200 for the inlaying.


I wouldnt bother, Just put that money towards another Les Paul with White MOP crowns !