My guitar teacher an I came up with a chord progression in the key of C and he told me to write a melody over it. It is in 4/4 time and I have to hit the first beat in each measure with a chord tone. I already have that part figured out. I just need help with the rest please.

Here is the chord progression: C, Am, B diminished(B, D, F), Dm, Em, G, and C

On each first beat of each measure i have:
G, C, B, A, B, G, and E.

All I need help with is finishing it.
It's a lot to digest, but you could apply the theory described in the "Melody and Harmony" link in the Music Theory FAQ.

Apart from that, you could play a G, then a C. Then in your head think of how you want to move between those two notes. Hum or sing the melody then work it out on guitar. Repeat the process for the next two 'target notes'
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