Ok, the two amps I'm looking at are:

Crate 120w SS amp (I really want a tube)

Really only looking at this cause I've heard it's pretty nice and great sounding for a solid state, but I'm really thinking about this Peavey


Yeah this is the one I'm really looking at (anyone had any experience with either of these?)

I really want a well rounded amp as I play like, every genre. If I need something to go to extreame levels (gain, distortion, etc.) I'll invest in pedals.

Price range is basically anything topping out at 600-700, DON'T suggest a half stack of any type, I want one (who doesn't?) but I really don't need it (and that would be really big for my room ). Also, I really want to get something that is cheaper than 600-700, and new. Cheaper because I really want to buy a new guitar (looking like a Dean '79 re-issue, sunburst, w/floyd. Will probably change pups to blackouts or EMG's), want it new because I've had really bad experiences with used stuff.

Any help would be appreciated, I really like the Peavey Tube Combo, but is it worth the extra $200?
Valvekings are great generic tube amps, they'll do almost any style of music to a decent level, but will require outside effects to push it to extremes
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if your just gonna be playing in your room, get like a peavey valveking 112 (5o watts i belive), i think its like 400 dollars

my friend has the 212 version and it sounds really good for the price, i think he payed about 600 for a new 212

and me and you are saving up for the same guitar lol, except im gonna take out the bridge pickup and put in a seymour duncan jb
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Valvekings are great generic tube amps, they'll do almost any style of music to a decent level, but will require outside effects to push it to extremes

Thar ya go.

And if you changed the tubes and speakers later in your career, that would help alot too.
Yeah right now I'm basically playing in my room lol. I play with my high school jazz band, but I'm honestly only there for the fun of it, it gives me a solid 30 mins of practice during school, and it gets me out of OGT tutoring a few days a week lol.

and yeah I probably will change the tube/speakers eventually, or upgrade to a half stack after i finish college, then I'll have at least some space lol.

Oh another reason I don't want a half stack? My mother would flip the flying %$&* out if I spent like a grand on it, even if it's my money (which it will be), she's not musical at all and really is ignorant when it comes to music and what you need to play etc. If it were up to her i'd still be playing a first act with a crappy 5w it came with. Actually, I wouldn't be playing at all lol.
Are you gigging or jamming with a band at all?

You could get something like the Palomino V16, which would give you great tube tone at a small price. Enough power for jams and small gigs. Great classic rock voice. Or for $400, you could get the 30W version.

I'd go for something like the new Crate V50 before I went for the Valveking. But keep in mind that 50W is a lot of power. A lot more than you need or even want based on what I'm reading here. Tube amps sound best when you crank them. A 50W amp cranked will cause hearing damage in a bedroom.

Honestly, I'd suggest you get over your used gear phobia, and get yourself a second hand Classic 30.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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I'm only playing with my jazz band, and I don't need anything super loud. I really am thinking the Valveking is right for me, I've had the opportunity to play one and I really liked it for a beginning tube amp. I'm not really a big fan of crate tubes, I've played one and idk, maybe it was cause of my friend fiddling with it, but it sounded like... Well, ****.

And really the used gear thing is just like the consistency, of the product, example if I buy a new one I can look at it before I buy it, make sure everything is fine and dandy. If I go over Ebay (which is basically the only choice for used stuff because I live in a very small area with no one really dealing used stuff for a good 50 miles) I can't look at it and say well thats scratched, or that switch doesn't work. So basically are the Peavey Valvekings very consistent? Like can you go from a new one to an old one and get the same sound?

I know it's stupid I've just seen way to many friends buy a guitar or amp off ebay then end up paying almost as much as the amp new to get it fixed, and these things looked really nice in the pictures, and weren't priced like they were total ****.
I'm just not a fan of the VK. I'll leave it up to someone else to suggest it to you. I think you'd be wise to get a lower powered, higher quality amp at this time. What the VK does best is provide a lot of power at a low price, IMHO.

Maybe check out the Peavey Windsor Studio? You could even get a brand new Classic 30 within your original budget. Much nicer amp than the VK -again, IMHO- and plenty of power for gigs if you need it.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i love you slats.
Now that one I may check out. The thing is I really don't want to spend money only to find out I still won't be able to be heard, so do you think the 20 watter is enough? I know tubes are supposed to be like 2.5x louder than a SS of the same wattage, so would that be roughly a 70w SS? Because I know that would be heard, then I would be pushing it so it would sound it's best... Hmmm lots to think about lol.