Hey, if this has been done before, tell me and I'll delete it.

So, here's the deal. Make your own dream team of superheros to make up a football team!

So far, I'd have:

QB - Cptn America
Receivers: Flash, Ironman
Linemen: Hulk, the Thing, The Human Torch (more later)
Safety: Nightcrawler, Sandman

Have at it.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

QB - Dead shot
Receivers: Flash, superman prime
Linemen: Hulk, the Thing, the sentry,juggernaut,superman, green lantern
Safety: Dr.strange,Mr.Fantastic
Defensive quartinatorr.Doom
Offensive quartinator:Batman
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I would make The Human Torch a runningback,assuming he could hold the ball.

I was going to at first, but then I figured his flame would burst the ball........

And besides. Who wants to get close to fire?

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

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This isn't Fantasy Football.

This is Fantasy Rugby For Pussies

Meh. No sense of fun i suppose.........

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

QB: Superman
Running Back: Nightcrawler.

I wouldn't need anything else.
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Meh. No sense of fun i suppose.........

Nope, not when it comes to non-sports.
QB: Capt. America used to throwing stuff around
RB/FB: The Hulk, who could takle that?
WR/TE: The Flash as my speed guy , and Mr. Fantastic as my possession guy
Lineman: The Thing, Iron Man, The Blob, Colossus, Juggernaut

Linebacker: Superman, Green Lantern, Venom
Safety: Night Crawler, Wolverine
Cornerback: Quicksilver and Spider-Man