A few friends and myself are playing a small set for a school assembly (4 songs) and I'm having alot of fun with it, it sounds great, and would like it if this transformed into a band situation, but I'm not sure how the other guys feel. How do I make things go my way without forcing anyone into anything?
ask them?
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well it sounds like they are all enjoying it so i dont see why they would have a problem with turning it into a band type thing.
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Well, when all four of you are together, say something like "Well, I think we're having a lot of fun... I'd like to do this on a regular basis. Yall want to start a band?"

The important part is that you hear each person's response. If Timmy and Joey are all like "DUED YEH LOL ROX0RZ!!1" and Florence isn't saying anything, be like "Well Florence, how do you feel about it?"

Since his name is Florence, he'll probably just blow his nose, adjust his glasses, and nod his head.

I did a thing with two other guys my senior year for the talent show, and we started a band after that. It was great, I'll tell you. Good luck!
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