Not too bad. I liked the progression, flowed well and kept the mood of the song.

Tone was pretty good, too. Nice, clean, and it sounded like you may have added a chorus effect to one of the tracks?

This sounds like it'll be pretty impressive once you get some lyrics, drums, and bass with it. For some reason, Saosin and Silverstein kept coming into my head when I was listening to it.

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I thought it sounded pretty good. I liked how you built it up by adding each instrument in. The main progression sounded nice, very mellow.

The tone of the guitar was good also. I think adding some drums/bass would help, although it sounds fine now.

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ill write as i listen.

cool laid back vibe here, brings ben harper to mind. i like the layers of melodies and the harmony. a little misstep towards the end. its short so their isnt much to say, but i liked what you had. very cool and mellow.
i like that there is no defined percussion here, keeps with the tone of the song. i do think a low smooth bass line would be sweet. if you had a fretless bass, some cool stuff could be had!

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sounds like a cute (yes i use that word) tune. Everything builds and meshes nicley. It would be cool with bass and to change it up, the use of an acoustic can substitute for some guitar riffs.

crit me?

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