Well my church is starting to get into new age technology, ie. not just recording everything from the mixer on tape.

I know they have a mixer right now and a bunch of mics. They want to record better quality and to be able to sync it with video soon.

How can I incorporate the mixer into a new setup?

Guitars + vocal mics etc -----> Mixer------> Multi Track Recorder? Would that work?

Or mixer----> soundcard on computer?

or mixer-----> audio interface ---->computer?

Any other options? What would be best?
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Well, if you have a choir and a band I would use the mixer to capture the choir, and use an interface for the rest of the band and the mix from the mixer. Tell us who you need to record for, like what instruments, vocals, percussion, etc.
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What's the mixer? Chances are, since churches tend to have really good mixers (at least the Christian ones I've visited), you could use one of its busses to send to an audio interface or sound card. All you'll need is a stereo track, so the interface can be dirt cheap. If quality's a main concern, and the church has money to burn, a Benchmark ADC USB will give professional-quality sound to any computer plugged to it. On the other side, an Emu 0404 ($200) will be good enough for a service. You'll connect all necessary microphones into the mixer, adding Direct Boxes for electric guitars.
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Well there's definitely a budget for this, so there will be some money to spend.

Well what the plan is, is to sync it with video. So they'll need the minister's microphone, probably a microphone others use just to talk to the congregation with, a mic or two for drums a mic for guitar, piano, organ, and maybe 3-6 for other vocals is my estimate.
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With the sync to video, I have a feeling you'll need something that can sync to SMPTE, like this ~$850 recorder. The idea is that this interface (which will be connected to your computer) and video (high end camcorders will offer I/O) will run at identical times. Again, you should use the mixer already in the church, as it's likely a professional quality mixer that's not out of place in a professional studio (like a Mackie Onyx 32-4). Does it have enough inputs...if you don't know, check next Sunday. Chances are, it'll be sufficient.

For an all-in-one solution, this could be perfect.
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