I know the key of G's chords. (i am just a noob). I also have a melody which I like. How do I go on about making a song?
Well it's easiest to start off with lyrics, then try out some chord progressions and see if it sounds good.

An easy chord progression in G is I IV V, so G,C,D.
Well the songs are written by themselves (that's the correct way)

and if you'll use any chord progression or scales you'll get the music the composer wanted and not a music that u like...

here is an example if your teacher palys acoustic on his left foot
he'll teach you and recomend to play the guitar on your left foot as well
Enceps: Can't I use all of the chords in the key? Why only those?

vigenharutyunya: I made up the melody, so it expresses the feeling I want it to.
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I seem to find this question every where I go. Ok i don't want to burst your bubble but if your a noob i highly recommend doing your home work and studying theory.
so, what would be some good theory to check up on for writing....some stuff that would be on this site if you can.
Sing in front of the mirror!
It really helps
Then sit down and write it for proper - if by that time you think it sucks or it's too difficult to write chords to, scrap it and start again.
Try and pick an inspiring topic. Oooh and use good lyrics, not just the-cat-sat-on-the-mat-and-ate-chips kinda thing.
Good luck!
i start off by making a simple riff a little kind of 3 second thing maybe a little longer then i try to add some chords to fill the song out. For me that is a basic song set up i would reccomend learning the notes on th efretboard and theory i think there is a good lesson for theory on here called the crusades but use the internet to go a little more in depth if you need to
You don't HAVE to learn theory to write songs. It might be useful, but I never learnt any myself so I wouldn't know. I've been writing songs for 2 years without any problems.

If you want to learn theory go ahead but don't think it's necessary.