Well; my old Hughes & Kettner is officially a piece of crap; and now I'm looking for a new amp...

this time; I want to get a 1/2 stack....

the only problem is; my budget is VERY limited...
so lately i've been craigslisting for tons of amps and have come across some old amps that sound good supposedly according to reviews...

note that my playing styles range from anything from Suffocation [Death Metal] to Pantera to 80s Def Leppard to Stevie Ray Vaughn...

now; I'm not saying I want to NAIL those tones; but I'm looking for something versatile that will at the same time give me some good brutal distortion....

I'll also add that I'm looking for TUBE; because my last amp was solid state; so I'm looking for a change and want to try a tube this time!

my list so of options so far:
-Crate bv-120h
-Carvin x100b
-Peavey XXX
-Old Ampeg VL's
-Carvin Series 3 100x [or something like that, i can't really remember... haha]
-UPDATED: Bugera amps?! I've seen videos of the 6262 and it looks pretty good so far.... I'm wondering how it does for metal/death metal though... if I can get a good word on it; I might take the dive for one... !

any more suggestions; I'm all open guys. I really wanna not screw up... last time; i didn't do enough research and in the end i just hated my amp for the last year it worked...

I want to get it right this time....

and no; saving $$ right now isn't an option; I just want a good sounding workhorse; because my band is playing shows; VERY SOON. haha MY amp broke VERY unexpectedly... .

thanks, take care



JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THESE AMPS TOO: BUGERA. DAAMN, best bang for buck I've seen so far... so I'm adding them to the list...
especially since they're modeled after 5150's/triple x's/jsx's...
lemme know what you guys think of the bugera's eh? and which model I should go with.. I think that's my #1 choice so far!
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I've had a 6262 for a couple of weeks now and its a great amp that specializes in metal (does death metal no problem....just tune to B or lower.)
Since they are so new, there are questions of long-term reliability. If they last, they are the best bang for the buck, PERIOD. If they start going belly up, then a $750 ebay 5150 starts looking better.
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Quote by stigma15
(does death metal no problem....just tune to B or lower.)

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Quote by Vanquish

Why is that funny? How many death metal bands do you know that play in E standard?
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What exactly is wrong with your old Hughes and Kettner? What model is it?

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maybe look for a used Mesa Boogie Mark III. they go for around 500 to 700 $ i heard. with that amp you can play anything. very versatile.

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thanks for the replies guys, you have no idea how much it means.

anyways; being that these are newer amps, the 6262, I've taken it into account that long term reliability may be questionable...

I feel myself willing to take the dive I must say; after reading the reviews and everything.

@stigma though:

dude, death metal isn't always in B. In fact; I don't know many bands that do...
Cannibal Corpse's old stuff is In Eb; and A suffocation song I play is in C#; as are some black dahlia murder songs i play... and I also play an Origin song; which I think is either drop c; or drop c sharp...

For extremely low tunings; I can only think of some stoner rock bands that do it on a regular basis... I don't remember the name; but I know one stoner rock band goes down to drop A! hahahah


back to the amps.

so we're looking at so far:

the bugera 6262
used peavey 5150/xxx/whatevericanget
carvin x100

now, I must ask... I don't know many people that own the old carvin's....
I've searched google for forums about these; and tons of people say they're not meant for metal...

but I read about 5 months ago; some guy said that these amps were SICK for brutal grind, death, etc....

so I'm wondering if that was true; or that guy is on some magical tone enhancing drug? haha

either way; I'm keeping the bugera at the top. Simply because my rents are cautious about buying used gear more than a new amp that has a warranty....

does anybody know if there's a sort of way I could get an extended warranty that lasts longer than just the standard manufacturer's one year?

Thanks for all the help so far guys!
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@stigma :

I know not all death metal is tuned that low; to me it just sounds better. I like the low guttural tone of Kataklysm, Soilent Green, At The Gates and Carcass (though arguably not death metal bands). I like drop C for All that Remains-type stuff, but it just doesn't sound heavy enough for death metal to me.
But to each his own.
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