Yeah I know there is already a RHCP thread and a Frusciante thread but I don't feel like reading eleventy billion pages so I made one. Answer the question.

edit: I am looking for specific song names.
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theres tons in the live at slane castle that are mostly improvasational. also plenty of them in stadium arcadium almost one in every song
Froosh unleashes a wicked solo on the song " ONLY Red Hot Chili Peppers General Discussion & Questions Thread".

Man, search bar jokes are getting extremely old, aren't they?

well then just read the last couple pages and go. Theres no number one solo or anything, everyone has a different fav solo. So stop being a tool and ask people's opinion in the thread. Theres no need to call anyone a douche
Bandit: We never said you had to look through the whole thread, did we? Just ask on the last page.
Never knew it was so hard to type a song name, actually if u think about it, it is taking longer to type about there being a RHCP thread longer than it would take you to type a simple song name. Reporting is for children...

I could have lied is my fav solo
The most talented man on earth...
^You got a point there, I mean who cares, I think that RHCP should have their own sub forum here anyways since there are so many things to talk about.
Anyways, my fav changes from time to time but right now there are a few from SA, like 21:st century.
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Hey, I Could Have Lied, Funky Monks, 21st Century and.... SHE'S ONLY 18!!!! these are the best for me... especially She's Only 18.
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You already asked this in the chili's thread and have already got a load of replies, why make another thread for it?